I decline to resign my position as Ashtabula County Prosecutor

The request for my resignation is a backroom-political attempt to influence my office from prosecuting or questioning the actions of elected officials, law enforcement, and anyone else, regardless of political party. When bad guys and criminals try to bully me or my office, it won’t work. When backroom politicians try to bully me, it won’t work either. I was elected as your prosecutor to be independent of the “good old boys’ network”. It has been the goal of my office to be firm but fair regardless of a person’s party, wealth, or position. I am not here to curry favor with politicians. I categorically deny every allegation. in the resolution. I was not able to speak at the meeting and was not notified of the meeting agenda.

My staff and I follow the highest ethical standards established by the Ohio Supreme Court.
My office is dedicated to upholding the Constitution and prosecuting cases to the fullest extent of the law. My team will continue to keep Ashtabula County safe, respect victims, comply with Marsy’s law as well as hold public officials accountable for malfeasance, waste, and corruption for the duration of my term.

I have been unabashedly and proudly a conservative Republican for over forty-five years. Two years ago, I ran on the Trump ticket and was endorsed as a true conservative of this party. Since being elected twenty-five months ago, I have not miraculously embraced George Soros!! This is the kind of thing that hard-left Democrats do to Donald Trump all the time! Come on, people it’s laughable.

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