State of Ohio vs. Shane Knowlton Case Number: 21 CR 355

January 12, 2023

Immediate Release
Contact- Colleen M. O’Toole

IN RE: State of Ohio vs. Shane Knowlton
Case Number 21 CR 355

The Office of Colleen M. O’Toole, Ashtabula County Prosecutor and Assistant Prosecutor Gene Barrett, have obtained a guilty verdict in regards to Shane Knowlton who was found guilty of Felonious Assault with gun specification on January 10, 2023. Mr. Knowlton’s defense tried to claim self-defense. The jury saw through that and convicted Mr. Knowlton in forty-five (45) minutes of deliberation. Mr. Knowlton has a mandatory three (3) year gun specification, plus discretionary sentence. Knowlton’s bond was revoked and taken into custody and is awaiting sentencing at Ashtabula County Jail. Sentencing will be held on a later date.

Prosecutor O’Toole thanks the jury for their deliberations, as well as Ashtabula Police Department for their hard work in bringing the defendant to Justice.

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