State of Ohio vs. Joshua Dale Gurto Case Number: 2017 CR 00555

October 3, 2022

Immediate Release
Contact- Colleen M. O’Toole

IN RE: State vs. Joshua Dale Gurto
Case Number 2017 CR 00555

The Office of Colleen M. O’Toole, Ashtabula County Prosecutor and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa have obtained a guilty plea on October 3, 2022 in regards to Joshua Dale Gurto (Case Number: 2017 CR 00555) Mr. Gurto plead guilty this morning to Involuntary Manslaughter as well as Felonious Assault. Mr. Gurto was sentenced to eight (8) years in an Ohio State Penitentiary. Mr. Gurto is currently serving a twenty-eight (28) years sentence for a previous crime committed. Mr. Gurto will be serving out the rest of his natural life in prison.

Judge Cosgrove commended Ashtabula County Prosecutor O’Toole for her adherence to the ethical obligations of a prosecutor. According to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 3.8: Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor states, “A prosecutor has the responsibility of a minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate. This responsibility carries with it specific obligations to see that the defendant is accorded justice and that guilt is decided upon the basis of sufficient evidence.” Prosecutor O’Toole has remained faithful to the ethical obligations that is highlighted in this rule throughout her involvement in Mr. Gurto’s case to uphold the sanctity of this case and her position as a whole.

Prosecutor O’Toole is dedicated to upholding the professional obligations of her position as a testament of her character and her dedication to the County and maintaining justice in Ashtabula County.

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